Airframe and Power Plant Schools

Do you want a job as an aircraft mechanic? If so, there's a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)-required certification process you'll have to go through. There are two types of certifications available--airframe and power plant.
An airframe certification allows someone to work on an aircraft's body, but not on its instruments, engine, or propellers. A power plant certification allows a mechanic to work on an aircraft's power plant (engine), and do some work on propellers. If you want to increase your opportunities for aircraft maintenance employment, you should try to get both certifications.

Top Airframe and Power Plant Schools

Michigan Institute of Aviation and Technology

Michigan Institute of Aviation and Technology
Graduates of MIAT are in high demand in more than just the Aviation Industry!


Hallmark College
You can earn Airframe Technology and Powerplant Technology Associates of Applied Science Degrees in just 15 months.

Redstone College

Redstone College
You will be ready to take the Federal Aviation Administration certification exam in 18 months.

Save Time by Attending Airframe and Power Plant Schools

There are a number of FAA-certified airframe and aircraft power plant schools.
These schools prepare students to pass FAA-regulated oral and written certification examinations by teaching them how to diagnose and repair aircraft systems such as landing gear, brakes, engines, and propellers, among others.
The main benefit that students receive by attending an FAA-certified aircraft maintenance school is that they generally don't have to log in as many training days as those who learn on the job as assistant mechanics. Getting your certifications can give you the right training and save you time as you start your career.

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