Massachusetts Aviation Schools and Colleges


WyoTech in Bedford has a sound reputation and specialises in producing excellent mechanics and engineers.

This college offers practical degree programmes with majors in Aeronautical Maintenance Technology and Aircraft Mechanics.
Small class sizes mean more individual attention from tutors and added hands-on training in your chosen sphere of aviation.

Scholarships and financial assistance are available for those who qualify and there is a Career Placement Programme to support and advise all WyoTech graduates.

Many of those leaving this university go straight into jobs and make good progress in their subsequent careers. A WyoTech diploma could be just the start you need to take off in aviation.


National Aviation Academy

The National Aviation Academy in Massachusetts is an FAA-licensed aviation maintenance school which offers a wide variety of academic courses in Aircraft Mechanics. The FAA Airframe and Powerplant Certification programme includes employment assistance following graduation.


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