Pilot Schools

Those in search of a "high-flying" career that combines international travel with excellent earning opportunities need look no further than flight schools. Whether you're interested in becoming a commercial pilot or prefer to keep your feet on the ground, pilot schools offer a wide range of pilot training and aviation courses that are right for you. Programmes cater for beginners as well as those with more aviation experience and a variety of FAA certified courses and degrees are available, including the Airline Transport Pilots Licence (ATP) necessary for becoming a professional airline pilot.

Utah State University

The Professional Pilot Program at USU prepare pilots for careers in the aviation industry.Graduates' degrees allows them to find work as commercial airlines pilot, flight instructing, flying small cargo lines and scenic tours, or transporting fire fighters and equipment.

Most schools offer simulator training using the latest technology as well as practical flight experience (in hours). Following graduation, students can look forward to careers as pilots, navigators, instructors, flight mechanics, and much more.

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